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Printed books and libraries
June 1, 2008, 12:03 pm
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Just reviewed the following article on the future of libraries and the printed book.

It seems to me as a publisher of printed books that there will be a growing coexistence between printed books and electronic books. The physical attachment we feel to the printed book will most likely always be with us. I cannot imagine a world without printed books or libraries. Perhaps it will be the connecting of the virtual and physical worlds of books and libraries?

However, the future of the printed book and their storage in libraries is an interesting question?


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It is interesting to think about future storage of printed books. There’s only so much room on Earth, right?

Your reference to the “co-existence” of printed and e-books is apt. Too many people offhandedly dismiss the e-book as “not for me!” or something that will “never replace MY library!”

Yet, an e-reader makes an excellent companion to one’s library of printed books. Some books are worth collecting — others are not.

Comment by draabe

[…] will not read a book from the shelf! I have been talking about reading patterns in many of my past blogs. The facts are clear that in the 21st century those involved in the production and distribution of […]

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