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So Why Publish?
June 4, 2008, 9:07 pm
Filed under: business

Sometimes in the publishing world we forget the real purpose for which we exist. As business leaders we think about the bottom line and the margins we must maintain. There are rising costs to battle and problems to be solved.

But what is publishing really all about? Why is NavPress in business? What is it that we are to be focusing our energies on in our enterprise? I have thought about these things for a long time. I had a brief period when I was not involved in the publishing business and as I have come back to lead NavPress I have come to some conclusions that drive my philosophy of publishing.

1. Publishing is sharing a message with others. When an author comes to NavPress we must consider the work as a special message God has placed on their heart for the Body of Christ. We are entering into an agreement to assist in the process of sharing the message with those who will read it. Publishing is not about the product but the Message!

2. Publishing is partnering with a message bearer. After agreeing to share in the process of producing and sharing the message of an author, NavPress seeks to partner with the author in order to increase the opportunity to share the message. Partnerships are a powerful part of a successful publishing process.

3. Publishing is distribution. NavPress exists to distribute spiritual messages that have been entrusted to our care. This is a big responsiblity and one that I do not take lightly as Executive Publisher. As I thumb through our catalog I cannot help but think of the many messages that have been placed in our care. What an awesome priviledge to be spiritual distributors! Of course, distribution of these messages can be in many different forms of media. Distribution of these messages can come in many forms, books, magazines, articles, bible studies, or in electronic forms. Publishing is not about books alone!


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