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Is the Iceberg melting?
June 15, 2008, 3:36 am
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A year or so ago I discovered a very special little book by John Kotter called, Our Iceberg is Melting. Check out the introduction to the book by John Kotter.

Publishers cannot seem to accept the fact that the Iceberg is melting there are all kinds of opinions on the subject. Some say that the industry has always had challenges and the current troubles can be overcome. Others believe that anyone who criticizes the current Christian publishing model either lacks understanding or is uninformed.

However, if you read Kotter’s little fable, with Christian publishing in mind. I believe that you will see that the Christian Publishing “Iceberg” IS melting! It might take some time but the iceberg is shrinking slowing year by year. Kotter’s book is a great book to use to discuss the future of publishing and where things are really headed.

At NavPress we have recognized that the Iceberg is melting and we are taking steps to change with the times in order to continue to provide quality resources for individuals, ministries and churches.


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[…] years I have utilized a change model created by John Kotter If you have not watched hisintro to the “The Iceberg Is Melting then take a look because the realities facing the Christian publishing enterprise are serious and […]

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