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The New World Began in 1993
June 21, 2008, 6:15 am
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Where were you in 1993? How old were you when the internet began? Do you remember when you bought your first computer? Do you remember using dial up as your method for connecting to the internet? How has your life and your business changed since the coming of the internet?

After reading a recent article in Wired magazine I began to reflect on how rapidly life and business have changed since that fateful year. Take the time to carefully read and review the chart that is attached to this blog. Frankly I cannot imagine how I was able to do my work in the years prior to 1993. The speed of change and the advancement in technologies is mind numbing but I would not want it any other way. For the business of publishing the blessings of technology have also become the killer app. As a publisher I must recognize that everyone is now a creator/writer, editor/producer and publisher/distributor.

So how should I handle this new World?

1. Embrace change as a friend not an enemy.

2. Accept the speed of change in the 21st century

3. Determine to use technology as a tool for good not evil.

4. Enjoy the simplicity of life and the joy of walking with God that never changes.


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I refused to learn how to use the computer until 1997. That’s when I decided to take a university course, and had to ask my daughters (11 and 7) to show me how to turn the computer on. We didn’t have a typewriter, so I had to type my term papers with the word processor. (I didn’t know how to type, either.) Then I learned how to use the internet to do research—man, do I LOVE research! Eventually my kids were asking me to find information for them because no one Googles as well as I do. 🙂

Mike, in step three you mentioned determining to use technology as a tool for good. God has opened great doors of opportunity for me to do that, sharing encouragement with others through a variety of social networks and even becoming a mentor to a theology student in Nigeria who would like to become a published writer. The internet has made it possible to positively impact lives without ever leaving home (though it is important to get out on occasion)!

Comment by Sharon Fawcett

Living in Nashville, I watched closely as the music business fought hard against the digital revolution. They lost, and badly. Most people I knew who worked in the business as we knew it 5 or 6 years ago are now doing something else with their lives. Had the old-school music guys embraced digital downloads, they might still be around.

I hope publishers will learn from the music industry’s mistakes and help develop new ways to distribute content instead of spending their energy and resources fighting the inevitable

Comment by Maurilio Amoim

Number four is something that we all tend to blow in life. We get so wrapped up in the “things” of life, materialism, that we have lost touch with simplicity. We are slaves to our stuff. The stuff runs our lives.

We spend too much time watching television. I have spent way too many hours watching sports. I am an addict. We work our schedules around television programs. As the television technology improves we buy the best flatscreen and let it eat up our hours which God has given us.

Imagine if we just spent time on a bike or taking a walk instead of watching television or going shopping for things we do not need. We would weigh less, feel better, and have more money to serve God with.

Thanks Mike for number four.

Comment by Marsha Pursley

Great post Mike. Number three is huge for me. We have got to look for ways to utilize the technology available to make an impact on our culture.

Comment by Pete Wilson

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