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June 24, 2008, 11:47 pm
Filed under: business, spirituality

I just saw an incredible example of the power of technology to enhance communication. Cisco has come up with a solution they call TelePresence.

It is the use of 3D holographic projection. Sound interesting?

Perhaps for the publishing world this could be a revolutionary way to connect text and image that could enhance the delivery of content from authors to the consumer in multiple settings?

Can you imagine if you could purchase your bible study resource and attend a TelePresence bible study? The study could meet in multiple locations using this technology virtually anywhere! Talk about the ultimate virtual spiritual experience!

Harnessing this technology for missions could also be an incredible tool for meeting and discussing world mission needs. Groups could use the tool for setting strategies and conducting meetings from remote locations. Well I could go on and on.

3D holographic technology for the Kingdom! Sign me up!

What are your thoughts about this?


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bring it on!

Comment by caleb j seeling

this is amazing! the future is crazy exciting

Comment by Julie

I like the idea and wonder that Christians need to be a forefront of technology to enable us to spread the Gospel and reach the lost. It’s mind blowing, but exciting.

Comment by Michael Visentine

As I writer, I see a wealth of possibilities for stories in this idea of holographic projection.

As a high school teacher, I think this technology would be mind-blowing in a classroom to bring learning alive for students.

On the other hand, I wonder if my grandchildren, when they’re in their teens in ten years, will ever need to leave home. . .

Comment by christa

I currently have a wiki site with a group doing Bible study. The thing I’m seeing is that everyone is so busy, they don’t take the time to spend doing the study and engaging in the dialogs. The video would possibly enhance, but I believe it will take a few more years before we see people “living on the web.”

Comment by Mark

The way the gas prices are going up, not only could you bring sales meetings to a new level with less travel, think of the possibilities of having a mens group, womens group, church meeting, Concert, etc with guest speakers/performers that wouldnt have to travel but could be there and deliver their messages.

Comment by E

This is a technology that makes your head spin when it comes to possible applications. Depending on cost, I could see author presentations broadcast over the internet where Mike Miller or Lauren Libby or other Nav leaders interviews an author and invites an electronic town hall Q&A from those who are logged on. We currently do a call-in radio program quarterly in the Navs that is broadcast across the web to field staff around the world. This holographic technology takes the medium another step forward. There are implications to Navigator and NavPress Events where we could conduct them regardless of where attendees are located.

Comment by Peter Udall

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