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Somebody who gets it!
June 27, 2008, 11:38 am
Filed under: business, ministry

If publishing is going to change we need some pioneers! Some who are not afraid to break out of the old models and try something that starts with mission, ministry and the glory of God! If you have never checked out please do so!

My hat is off to this group for having the courage to step out from behind the business driven publishing mindset and to take a fresh new approach to providing resources to the Body of Christ! Some will ask is it profitable? Others will laugh and say this is idealistic and simplistic. But there is something that challenges me personally about this model of business. Somehow ministry and business must align in a new way for the publishing industry.

Notice the philosophy that drives this site. By/For challenges artists to create sacred art for the church by the church! The same needs to happen in the print publishing world. Shouldn’t all the content of a writer be created for the church by the church?

Read over their mission and their goals. Here is what stands out to me.

1. Reconnecting the arts to the local church and the power of art in the community of faith.

2. Artists are supported by the church and art enhances the worship of God.

3. Removing the profit motive and freely giving art as a gift to the body of Christ.

4. Sharing and collaborating on content within the faith community.

5. Using technology, internet etc. to cross borders connects the body of Christ and expands the Kingdom. you are challenging NavPress with your courage and leadership!


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