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Is Print Dead?
July 2, 2008, 1:31 am
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ImageI just finished an interesting book called, Print is Dead. I thought is was amusing that the author had his ideas published in book form? However after reading the book it was clear that the title is meant to get your attention and really doesn’t conclude that print is dead.

There are numerous voices debating the end to print and publishing as we know it. As a publisher this question has my attention not only because of the impact it has on our business but the impact on reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If print is dead then how do Christians in the 21st century share the truth of God’s word with the world?

The ideas from this book challenged my thinking in several ways:

1. Publishing is about message not medium . If I am consumed by the way the message of an author is packaged then I forget the real purpose for why I do what I do. It is about the idea, the message the concept. Content is King not the package.

2. We live in a physical and virtual world . I have a computer, PDA’s, and books in my bookshelf at home. There is no conflict the world is connected to two realities. So my books and my computer text are seamless. These worlds are not mutually exclusive they are complimentary.

3. Ideas must be right sized . These days messages must be adjusted to fit the medium. Reading a full length book on Kindle, or another electronic platform is still a challenge. But some books, and of course the bible still feel better in my hands.

What do you think? Is Print dead?


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Print is certainly not dead. Messages and the delivery of the content is simply changing.

Comment by Julie

I hope print is not dead. I cannot imagine a world without a Barnes & Noble to go and drink coffee and look at books. Those are good times alone with my thoughts.

Comment by Marsha Pursley

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