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To read or not to read?
July 10, 2008, 8:04 am
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A very significant study is underway on reading that every publisher should be watching. The study is very long but scan the executive summary. Some of you may be very familiar with the NEA’s work on this topic but the realities of the report cause me to pause and take some time to reflect on several important questions.

1. If reading is declining at these rates what is the impact on sharing the gospel?

2. What is the impact for management in leading people with lower reading skills in the work place?

3. Will publishers face a crisis because of our “word” driven business model?

4. Are we moving back to a post literate world?

5. Will the art of writing begin to fade away and become a skill of the past literate world?

6. Will the future consist of two classes of people? Readers and Non readers?

A post literate world calls for new ways to communicate messages and distribute them to people who may choose not to read or that can’t read. Publishers and church leaders must engage on this important subject.

How is your organization working to help your community pro actively address these issues?

Lots to think about. NavPress is working on some solutions to these questions and I hope to talk about them in future posts.


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It’s amazing

Comment by Emiseesenmic

[…] goal of helping engage young people to grow spiritually through reading! I have mentioned in an earlier post that we face serious reading issues in the U.S. These kinds of efforts help to increase awareness […]

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omg.. good work, bro

Comment by Sleeneno

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