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Do you Ebook?
July 15, 2008, 11:49 pm
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Well it is here and it seems to be hot. The Kindle is growing in popularity. The features of the devise are interesting. Take a look at the clip attached to the post.

I have used the Kindle for some time. The device is breaking new ground in the ebook world. Many of the earlier models lacked the kind of functionality of this device. NavPress is currently loading many of our resources to the kindle as an additional channel for distribution of our excellent resources. There is growing evidence that ebook sales are increasing.

Here are some of my thoughts as a user of the Kindle.

1. Easy to use. The device fits in your hands as has good functionality.

2. Easy to load with new materials. New materials load instantly and are immediately available for use.

3. Good for the serious reader. Now on one device I can load my favorite newspapers, magazines, and books. Makes long trips easier and lessens the load in my backpack!

So are you ebooking or not?


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I’m an ebooker-wanna-be! The cost of the Kindle is postponing my leap into using this device. My goal is to have one by the end of the year. I did read that updated versions of the Kindle are supposed to appear on the market in October, but I’m not hopeful the price point will decrease. Amazon has, however, recently knocked $50.00 off the original selling price of $399.

As a high school teacher of English, I wish I could have a class set of Kindles. Not only are students seduced by technology, the Kindle provides that”cool” factor that might up the reading buy-in.

As a reader, I dread those pre-trip decisions…which paperbacks/hardbacks do I schlepp with me, which are left behind? Inevitably, I arrive wishing I had the others. Kindle solves that dilemma.

And, finally, as a writer, I’m thrilled to see books in the hands of readers in whatever format they want!

Comment by christa

Although we at Slipdown Mountain Publications sell e-books (both Kindle and PDF editions) of many of our books, I don’t read e-books often. Mostly because I don’t own a dedicated e-book reader and don’t enjoy reading on the PC monitor.

I am very intrigued by the Kindle but the price is too high and, out in our rural area, the wireless connectivity is unlikely to work at all.

On my blog, I’ve been running a poll asking at what price you’d consider buying a Kindle. Last time I checked, there were 75 or so votes with 28% selecting a price below $100 and another 22% selecting the $150-199 range. The majority — 56% — selected a price below $200.

Walt Shiel
Publisher, Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC
View From the Publishing Trenches

Comment by Walt Shiel

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