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Personal touch computers??
July 21, 2008, 3:02 am
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Don’t know if you have seen this change coming in computer technology it is the touch screen computer. Microsoft and other manufacturers have been working on this application for several years. Now they are beginning to roll it out in the gaming and entertainment business.

Will publishers take advantage of this technology?

What kind of advantages would these tools give to the sales and marketing team? Or to the editorial team in a publishing environment?

What about retailers?

Lots to think about!


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I saw a demo of one of these in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Very cool stuff. I think it will make “page turns” in electronic devices more like paper, where you literally “flip” pages of your reading devices or use fingers to highlight cut or copy information.

Comment by Maurilio Amorim

I think publishers will have to provide books in an electronic form to be supported by this technology. Also on the marketing side you will be able to have “trailer” kiosks in retail stores that customers can approach and touch the cover of the book and get a chapter or audio clip of the book. They do it at the movies why would publishers not want to provide trailers on their electronic books after the customer purchases the book.

Comment by Marsha Pursley

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