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A Big Book!
August 6, 2008, 12:35 pm
Filed under: business

Well, this might take the cake for the largest co-authored book in history! Here is an attempt to take a virtual book built on Wikipedia and produce a hard-cover book for sale in retail stores. Is this backward? Does this make sense or is it breaking the rules for web-based publishing?

Perhaps this is just another of a growing number of examples of how web-based publishing from an open-source wiki-type model can merge nicely into the standard publishing model.

  • Have you ever wiki’d on a project with others?
  • Do you think that wiki is the future of collaborative publishing?
  • Perhaps some authors and publishers should team up on a wiki project and see what might come of it?

NavPress is interested. If anyone reading this blog is interested in this concept, too, let me know!


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Great !! this is the future and your web page adress what IF? for the future!!! keep it coming!!

Comment by ted squires

I don’t know if wiki is THE future, but it is clearly the easiest and most efficient forum for collaboration. Could be interesting…I’m in!

Comment by christa

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