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Internet Church?
August 10, 2008, 10:55 pm
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Take a look at this from the internet church. Looks like church is now taking a turn toward the virtual! Who would have ever thought of virtual church, but it is becoming a reality in the 21st century. For a guy like me who is from the pre-computer generation, this is incredible and amazing.

Other churches are using multi-site strategies . A pastor can speak to multiple sites of believers who are gathered around a video screen. In my tradition the pulpit stood in the center of the church. Today rising on either side of the church building and in the center are large, wall-size video screens!

And now we add the internet church! You can worship from any remote location with just an internet hook-up and the web address of the church!


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Both satellite and internet church are an incredible use of technology to reach great numbers of people with the gospel. The churches who embrace it and start developing ministry around it will be the ones with the greatest impact in coming generations.

Comment by Lori Swarner

My husband is Director of Contemporary Worship at a church that has used a multi-site strategy on their campus for several years. The pastor is live at the early contemporary service where his sermon is video taped (without traditional robes). Second service (contemporary) receives the sermon via video with live contemporary worship while the pastor dons his robes and heads across the plaza into the sanctuary for the blended and traditional services, with appropriate worship styles for those worshipers.
It works smoothly and those who are used to it hardly notice a difference. The selling point for this pastor was that his entire congregation receives the same sermon.

Comment by Connie Neal

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