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Micro Communication
August 17, 2008, 11:27 pm
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blogger pictureWhat an incredible time to be alive! The speed of communication has dramatically increased over the past decade. These technological advances are mind twisting! Everyday there are new tools introduced to enhance our communication abilities and experiences.

Email once the rage has taken a back seat to blogs, and now a new set of tools have been added to the communication toolbox. Have you ever heard of Micro blogs?

One of these tools is called Twitter. I happen to be a twitterer myself. It has been interesting to see how all of these tools can be connected to improve communication and promotion as a publisher with those who are connected to my network of friends and business associates. The explosion of micro blogs comes as another example of world wide instant communication. Do you Twitter?

For some this seems to be an overload in communication tools! But for the smart business leader these methods of communication can strengthen viral promotion and marketing for your business.

Check out the article in The New York Times that discusses the power of these communication tools on politics. Have you considered the possibilities if you are a writer or publisher of interconnecting your web site, blog and twitter or other micro blog tools? It might be worth considering?


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i can’t twitter–tried it, can’t. but i can tumblr. tried it, love it.

Comment by caleb j seeling

I love Twitter and the ability to stay connected with others. It is so effective, I am adding my 60+ year old parents on it so they can stay connected with us. The viral aspect of it is amazing.

Comment by Michael Visentine

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