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A Discipleship Upgrade
August 21, 2008, 2:29 am
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For many years I have admired the leadership and work of Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church in Chicago land. Recently Hybels has been leading the church through some significant changes in their ministry philosophy. His desire to remind the church of the importance of reaching people for Christ where they are living (seeker sensitivity) has been a significant contribution to helping the church reach people for Christ for many years.

The church has recognized that their thinking regarding discipleship needs modification as a result of the years of reaching people for Christ.

They have identified a set of transition points in the life of a believer in Christ and are working to adjust their ministry model to assist believers at all levels of spiritual growth.

As a business leader I appreciate the fact that Hybels is seeking to lead his team to focus on learning, listening and growing in awareness regarding the changes in the culture and the way people seek to understand spiritual truth. He also is modeling what every business and ministry needs which is a customer centered/focused approach to business. The leader must be transparent and honest about past failures to perform and accomplish their mission. Hybels is an example to all who lead no matter what kind of organization.

I think the church models a very important principle of learning and listening to those you seek to serve. I certainly hope that we can do that at NavPress.


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It would be great to provide resources, not just print pieces, but ministry models that churches could use to move people through the transition points. Help them grow as a disciple of Christ, move them to serve the local church and then to reach out to a lost world either through missions at home or in other countries. As churches listen and learn from the communities they serve, God will provide the resources to accomplish His work for His glory.

Comment by Marsha Pursley

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