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Internet Postal Mail!!??
September 8, 2008, 1:22 am
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Do you still enjoy going to the mail box to see what kind of surprises you’ve received from the postman?

There is a new application called, Earth Class Mail. Now you can set up an online post office box and have your postal mail sent to you via the internet! So that means that my mail box might become another casualty of technology!  Perhaps my mail box could become a decorative piece of yard art for my house!

But seriously, this technology could have a significant impact for direct marketers in the future! Currently, mailers are something that people get in their mail box and hold in their hands. Catalogs, brochures come to your home and you can simply thumb the pages searching for the items that you want to purchase. I grew up in a time prior to the computer when we looked forward to getting catalogs in the mail!

But if people opt into this new application, then the days of direct mail pieces coming to the home could come to an end, or at least there could be a significant drop in direct mail pieces ending up on the kitchen table.  More email less snail mail! Is this is a good thing? Or is this another threat to direct mail marketing effectiveness?

So whether you serve in a church or ministry based business the implications are significant. Might be worth checking out Earth Class Mail. Start decorating those mail boxes!


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very interesting blog mike
i believe it totally

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