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EText Tools
September 15, 2008, 12:53 am
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It looks like there is a new competitor for Kindle! I am sure that this will not be the only new tool to come to the market to provide consumers with the ability to take their content with them on a wireless device. These tools are here to stay!

I want to make a point that is sometimes lost in all the hype that comes with a new device. These days we are so enamored by the device we miss the purpose. It is not the device but the text that is important in this conversation. Too many people get caught up in the device and miss the text. It is the message not the medium that is important.  Lets take the a look at this new tool in the E TEXT battle.

In reality we are dealing with ETEXT not the tool!

Plastic Logic is launching what they call their enewspaper reader! This new device is sleek, slender and flexible like a newspaper.  The features are very interesting. It will be interesting to see the response to this new tool.


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I bough a Kindle the day it came out and got it a few days later. Since I travel often, and love technology, I thought the Kindle was going to be my new traveling companion. Not so.
Getting the content on a Kindle is easy enough through my Amazon account, but the device itself is plagued with design/usability issues. After a couple of frustrated reading sessions, I ditched the thing out of my bag.

You’re right, Mike, it’s not about the device/technology, but content; however, when the content delivery system is flawed, the entire experience is compromised and we lose the content in the translation.

Great post.

Comment by Maurilio Amoim

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