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The Digital BookMobile is Coming!!!!
September 19, 2008, 12:03 pm
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It’s back to the future! The book mobile is back!  Are you old enough to remember the days when you would go to the book mobile for your books? I guess I am showing my age but it was a very special treat in our family. Going to the book Mobile was the place where I acquired my love for books and reading! However, things have changed in the type of books you can find on the book mobile! The Book Mobile has gone digital!

Now you can download your digital resources from the book mobile! What a diffence that is to the old days when you checked the book out and then brought it back to the book mobile!

Libraries are learning that unless digital resources are made available many of the new generation will not read a book from the shelf! I have been talking about reading patterns in many of my past blogs. The facts are clear that in the 21st century those involved in the production and distribution of content must deliver content in multiple forms and combination’s.

So the days of physical and digital content are here! Even the library gets it! I just hope that publishers can understand this trend!


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My kids still love the Book Mobile. It’s like a library… on wheels!

They park it down by the park on weekends sometimes.

Comment by Matt Mikalatos

viva la bookmobile!

Comment by caleb j seeling

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