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September 22, 2008, 3:11 am
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Is it possible to conceive of business strategy without recognizing the power of social networks as a part of the answer? Perhaps you are new to all this fancy talk about social networks?  Social networks consist of  individuals and organizations which are tied together in interdependency.  Business is about connecting individuals with organizations in an interdependent way in order to provide them with goods and services. As a result of interpendence business success takes places

So why the fuss concerning social networks?  Simply because as I lead NavPress I am struck by the fact that I must set our business strategy knowing that social networks now drive most business decisions.

1. I cannot set strategy without recognizing the interdependence between the author and the publisher.

2. I cannot set strategy without accepting an interdependence between the retailer and the publisher.

3. Strategy must consist of integrated networks of individuals and organizations, IF NavPress is going to be competitive and effective as a publisher.

So it’s not whether your organization is business casual, but business social!


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And I believe you are miles ahead of most organizations to realize this.

-Cristy S.
An Online Community for Christian Leaders

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