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October 22, 2008, 10:26 pm
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I have enjoyed learning about a new economy called “Freemium“. The author Chris Anderson of The Long Tail has been sharing some great information on his blog about this important subject. Frankly to many in the business world they will turn their nose up at this development. But personally I am intrigued by his concepts.

I included one one of his diagrams to help you understand the concepts of freemium.

Free 1: You get one thing free you buy another.

Free 2: Advertisers, Sponsors and paid media pay but consumers get it free.

Free 3: Some pay for a full version, some is free.

Free 4: Gift economy, give away for non monetary rewards.

Here is the question can this work in the publishing world? Will this kind of thinking put pub. companies out of business? Is it too late to stop the Freemium wave? These are some of the questions that I am wrestling with right now wanted to share them with you and get your thoughts?


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Here’s an interesting post on this topic a while back from Neil Gaiman. I like the idea. If I read part of a free book online and I like it, I go buy it. I don’t like reading on my computer, honestly.

Comment by Matt

[…] under: business, ministry Since we have been trying to think out of the box and how the idea of Freemium can help us reach new audiences with the messages of NavPress, we have decided to launch a bloggers […]

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Disney has a great “freemium” offer: Free admission on your birthday. Since not many people go to Disney alone, Disney will get ticket sales to go with that free admission.

Comment by Stephanie

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