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Defragging life
October 29, 2008, 4:15 am
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I recently defragged my computer. Perhaps you have worked through the same process with your machine? Defragmentation is simply reorganizing files and free space in contiguous areas. As I sat watching the program run on my computer, I thought, I need to defrag my life!

Fragmentation on your computer causes it to run slowly because the computer isn’t using storage space efficiently. Under these conditions, the machine won’t perform to the maximum capacity designed by the manufacturer.

In the same way, fragmentation in our lives causes us to perform at a level below God’s design for us. Overtime we have developed gaps in our lives. We become slow, indecisive, unproductive–in other words, we, too, lack capacity! We need a defragging!

So, how do you defrag your life? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where are the gaps in my life that keep me from living at full capacity?

2. Do I practice destructive habits that destroy my ability to live in joy and fulfillment?

3. What personal gifts and talents do I use in my daily life?

4. How much of the “free space” in my life is focused on the most important aspects of life?

I’m still working on my defragging process. Is it time for a defragging in your life?


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Hi Mike, I really like this blog on defragging. I think the questions are v good, and could be used by preachers, but I’m not quite sure what u mean by the “gaps in my life that keep me from living at full capacity.” Do u mean things we are not doing, like not eating healthily, for example? I hope this helps. Will look round the rest of the site now. Blessings,
John Dowling

Comment by John Dowling

where’s the “run…defrag” button on this thing called life? i can’t find it anywhere!

Comment by caleb j seeling

I would love it if we all had a defrag button we could simply push. Rising above all the noise and busyness is sometimes difficult. It is important to priortize and make good choices every day.

Comment by Sharon Faloon

Making my wonderful husband and daughter a big priority in my life really helps to maintain a sense of balance. 🙂

Comment by Adele Mulford

De Frag my life – love it. I think we all should stop-smell the roses, remember what is important in life.

Comment by Pamela J Mendoza

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