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Balancing my Spiritual Wheels
November 11, 2008, 12:09 am
Filed under: ministry, spirituality

Nothing is more aggravating than having the wheels on your car out of balance! The vehicle is hard to steer and can cause a serious accident if not corrected. Well I am in a time personally in which I am seeking to balance my spiritual wheels.

NavPress has the privilege of serving as the publishing organization for the Navigators. The history of the Navigators is filled with incredible stories of self sacrifice and courage in communicating with individuals the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.

One of the most powerful illustrations in Navigator world is called, “the wheel.” Graphically it reminds us that a well balanced spiritual life includes all the elements that appear on the wheel. When a wheel loses a spoke the wheel will not function. When we neglect one of the elements of the spiritual wheel we are not living at our God designed capacity.


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I love this illustration. It graphically outlines a path for any Christian to follow as Christians submit to Christ in “navigating” their life through this world. It really speaks to me in a simple, yet deep way. Kudos to the Navigators.

Comment by Michael Visentine

This is Julio Contreras (El Salvador)… what a joy to find you. We are always greatful for you and the way God helped us balance our wheel through your personal ministry


Comment by Julio Contreras

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