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Time Blocks
November 13, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Not long ago I sat with a friend whom I had worked with as an executive coach several years ago. We talked about his progress in his business. Discussed the issues he was currently tackling as a leader. As we were catching up he paused and thanked me for helping him with him time management. At first I was surprised that this was such an important issue for him out of the many things he was dealing with on a regular basis in his work.

He said, “No one ever challenged me to start with the things that were the most important in performing my work rather than working my priorities around an existing calendar of organizational activities!” So perhaps the same advice might help some of you as you consider your busy schedule. Take your calendar and take a look at what appears on the page or the screen. Are the activities listed helping you accomplish your personal mission and the job you have been hired to do?

Here are some tips that have worked for others:

Identify your life activities. These include personal, work, family, and other life activities.

Set priorities for each life activity block.

Start your calendaring with your personal priorities and work down the list of life activities. Work should not come before your personal life activities. You are looking for balance in life and work.


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This is excellent. I have tried to implement time-management or calendar-based systems before to no avail. I like the idea of starting with my life activities/values first then moving to my calendar.

Comment by Michael Visentine

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