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Between Two Worlds
December 10, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Living in both the physical and the virtual world is now commonplace. The debates are over. It is not a matter of will people spend time in the virtual world of the web, but how do we connect the realities of the two worlds! Here are some statistics about web usage as we move into the 21st century.

One place where millions gather in the  web world is Second Life. I don’t think we can underestimate the power of Second Life on the virtual world of technology.

Reality check! This new virtual world has all the challenges of the physical world–business, commerce, religion, and relationships. There are many companies that have found their way to SL. You can find the dark  world there, but you can also find the light.

I read a post about how is using the virtual world Second Life to reach out to people with the gospel. What an encouragement to see God’s people going as missionaries to the unreached with the message of hope found in Christ!

I am surprised at the large of number of people who still aren’t aware of Second Life. I have attached a Wiki on the subject for those who need to do your homework. 🙂 What do you think about it?


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Thanks, Mike…this is fascinating!

I have never really visited or “played” in Second Life, but I watch The Office and a few of their characters on there were involved in it. The joke in that episode was that the nerdy character “Dwight” had created a second life where was basically the same as he was in real life – sort of wasting the idea of Second Life, where I guess most people are more inclined to create some hyper-version or fantasy version of who they’d like to be than who they are.

But what a concept of folks going to 2nd Life to witness to real world people in a virtual world – certainly makes sense to go where you can reach anyone with the gospel. And I get a kick out of thinking about Jesus if he were here – perhaps he’d also be a gamer and go into the world virtually also to spread the Good News!

Comment by Carl

I believe a presence in SL is an important way to live and disciple among the lost. I believe it is possible to find God through Jesus and find your true self in God in the virtual world and then move it back into the physical world.

I started work on concepts for an avator for NavPress a couple of years ago but have been side tracked. When we are ready to brand to the potential new customers and those that don’t know us yet we will want to get back to that. _Arvid

Comment by Arvid Wallen

Amazing! I’m all over web-communications and never heard of SL. Seems like a way to touch a real life 🙂


Comment by Chuck Wood

I just wish I could keep up with my first life.

Comment by Mike

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