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Christmas and the Manger
December 24, 2008, 7:43 am
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In thinking about the incredible contradictions of Christmas and the coming of Jesus Christ to the world, I have been reflecting on the phrase from the scriptures… “You will find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

The eternal God comes to earth wrapped not in purple robes of royalty but rags! Then placed in a cow trough! What a contradiction. How amazing for us to think that the Savior of the world would enter this world in such a way.

For the seeker, the doubter, the unbeliever, this is the clearest statement of who Jesus Christ is and what He came to do! So even if you can’t believe what Christians say and do, look at the coming of Christ and wonder. He came for you as He lay there in rags and a cow tough; He sacrificed all dignity and reputation for all mankind.

Merry Christmas! Joy to the world THE LORD has COME!

Maranatha Lord Jesus!


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Kings and sheepherders came to see.

Thanks Mike for the reminder. Maybe this is something we all need to see in our minds eye and actually take a closer look at what Christ did in His Passion for the world. I now I need too!

Comment by David Brownlee

Correction of last few words in my comment.

I know I need too.

Comment by David Brownlee

Amen! This is what it’s all about!! Maranatha!

Comment by ben

Thanks for the reminder, Mike. Merry Christmas, friend.

Comment by Maurilio Amorim

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