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The New Year is Here!!!!
January 1, 2009, 12:47 am
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happynew-year-pic1It’s over! 2008 is coming to a crashing close. I have mixed feelings about the past year. So many wonderful things have taken place and yet there have been some real disappointments. Victories won, and losses that at times are almost unbearable. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away!

But we go on! We look with faith to the Lord for direction and purpose in the events that shape our lives. I hope that before you go running full speed into 2009 you will pause, reflect and express thanks to God and to those who have been a blessing to you  for their impact on your life.
Personally, I plan to spend the early hours of the new year bowing in submission to the Lord’s leadership and direction for my life and work.
Happy New Year to you and yours!


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You have painted a hopeful and challenging picture of the way forward. The challenge for the church in America is to be authentic and sacrificial in serving the Lord and living life in these challenging times. The secret of the Kingdom is that sacrificial, authentic service to the King is actually the most fulfilling life imaginable. It includes our eternal future, not just today and this life. And the King is with us, living in us, and interceding for us! So “count the cost” is actually a process of understanding the best deal available and marshalling the resources to obtain it! As Paul said in Rom14:17, “For the Kingdom of God is… righteousnes, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Righteousness – the capacity to do good. Peace – Shalom, a good, righteous peace for all. Joy – an underlying confidence that in the big picture, all is well.

Comment by rusty stephens

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