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Life Stories
January 10, 2009, 1:28 am
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Life is a story. If we take the time, all of us can connect our experiences into a set of short stories. These life stories can range from the height of happiness to the depth of despair. There is something about our individual story that helps others understand who we are and why we act as we do.

Jonathan Harris has developed the website we feel Since 2005 he has been capturing the written feelings of bloggers from the web. Over the past few years he has captured millions of feelings, averaging 15,000-20,000 a day. These are all illustrated in several formats on the website. As I viewed the site it was clear that our world is multi-emotional, filled with stories of triumph and tragedy.

As a follower of Jesus I am reminded of the importance again of life stories. I hope you will not be offended by what you read or see. It is real, raw life experience! These are life stories.


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The story concept is certainly crucial. In ministry, your story, my story, God’s story and discovering connect points is so necessary.
Jonathan’s video does an amazing job of connecting emotions with visuals. Even the idea of somehow capturing a global emotional “story” or picture is intriguing.

The “we feel fine” is can be a valuable tool as we trust God to understand, relate to and touch those around us. I searched for the word “shamed” on the site and focused on those in their 20s. Here’s one quote (NOT MINE): “I feel like god is a shameful disease I caught from having sex and I cant talk about this incident that took place tonight to anyone even though it only remotely involves belief in god in that it took place in a church and even though I really want to get it off my chest.” Wow! This one quote reveals much of what we see around us. This is a real story that could be transformed by the power of the Gospel. May God give us guidance, wisdom and courage to show love and grace as we learn the stories of others.

Comment by Dennis Stokes

Whooo, kind of shows how God must feel about all our feelings. Amazing!

Comment by charleswood1

Amazing websites! The implications for understanding the mood of the humanity in critical events is profound.

In time other real time web-world tools can help us understand global decisions from new perspectives.

The linkage of words-stories-images provide keys for understanding our world.

Comment by Ralph Ennis

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