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January 14, 2009, 9:00 am
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Since we have been trying to think out of the box and how the idea of Freemium can help us reach new audiences with the messages of NavPress, we have decided to launch a bloggers review program.

In the bloggers review program, we will give away copies of NavPress books that cover a variety of topics and ask people to blog about the book in return. This is a way for us to get our books in the hands of people who will talk about them and pass along their feedback.

We have selected a few books that have recently released in order to get this program going. As this program continues, we will be adding new titles. Some of the books we choose will be fiction, but many of them will be titles that are specific to needs that our customers struggle with, such as finances or spiritual growth. Sometimes we will ask our reviewers to try out our Bible studies or give us feedback on new ideas using The Message Bible.

In the upcoming months, we are looking forward to seeing how this program expands. And here are the first few titles we are offering to those who are interested: To sign up just click here.


Money, Purpose, Joy by Matt Bell


The Summer the Wind Whispered My Name by Don Locke


How Can a Good God Let Bad Things Happen? by Mark Tabb


Coffeehouse Theology by Ed Cyzewski

If this is something you are interested in participating in, please visit our website for more information.


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A blog tour has been a great way to get the message out about my NavPress books in the past, so I think this will be sooo beneficial for everyone involved.


Comment by Christa Banister

I’d like to join

Comment by terry oconnor

Big Ideas and Little Details,
By Jan Johnson
My favorite thing about this book is that it combines the big picture issues (purpose of work, whole-life discipleship, making space for God) with street level ideas of what it looks like to live this everyday from 9-5. Too many books offer six tips to a perfect life with no overall purpose and framework. But this one offers those capital-T truth ideas that we don’t hear anymore: reconciling success with goodness, redefining success for the follower of Jesus, stating that God’s purpose for work is to “bring people together in loving community for mutual benefit and support.” Bill quotes from the best: Dallas Willard, C. S. Lewis, William Law, Brother Lawrence, and Frank Laubach. Yet he also gives practical insights and tells his stories (so honestly!) of bringing people together in loving community. Someone could read this and think about their job and say, “Gulp! Bill did it–so can I!” I couldn’t help myself–I began reading his stories out loud to my husband.
As a 25+ year small business owner, I know that why I conduct my business and the heart with which I do it must be all about Jesus–that’s as important or more important than the product I offer. But to hear someone describe this in a book was like hearing a song I’d been trying to hum for years.
Jan Johnson, author of Invitation to the Jesus Life: Experiment in Christlikenessand Enjoying the Presence of God: Discovering Intimacy With God in the Daily Rhythms of Life

Comment by Jan Johnson

Most people find God in church, but I tell you that most YOUNG people find God over coffee. Like pubs are to Europe, coffeehouses are to America—the place where friends discuss religion, politics, gossip, current events, and the state of our fallen economy.

If Theology is simply the “study of God”, then I say give me Ed Cyzewski’s book, a Chai Tea, and a group of my peers and who knows where our conversation could lead.

Maybe the conversation would be about the Modern World (Chapter 4), or The Bible (Chapter 8), or maybe even The Global Church (Chapter 10).
Like Ed, I guarantee that most of young people’s problems are not tackled during the 10 AM Sunday morning service in a pew with an old white guy preaching “hell, fire, and brimstone.”

No! Instead, Ed writes “We need a robust conversation with our culture and Christians from a variety of backgrounds, denominations, countries, and even times in history….the best way to relate Christian faith with the postmodern age is to dialogue with culture” (124).

So get out there and start dialoging! (And for a guide on how to do just that, read “Coffeehouse Theology”!)

Comment by Renee Johnson

Our message to the world is to be found in our own lives.
How can this be possible? If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus will be seen in our daily living. Our light must shine.
When those many hours of destructive distraction drown out His quiet voice, our growth is stunted. Being “in the Word daily”, listening to others, using meditation and prayer, these will conquer Satan’s efforts.
The honest, open approach to others will not fail to move the hearts of those who seek.

Comment by Roger D Paterson MD

[…] 14, 2009 I just signed up for the NavPress Blogger Review Program. Basically, NavPress sends you books for free. You read the books in 2 months or so, write a 200 […]

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