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Virtual Addicts?
March 10, 2009, 9:28 pm
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So much to do and so little time! Do you ever feel that way about your life? The challenges of balancing our daily schedules can really create frustration and discouragement. But what about your virtual life? Have you found that your virtual identity is consuming more and more of your daily schedule and real life? There is a concern that in addition to family, job, and friends. our virtual identity is the new time consumer! In fact some might say that there is a growing addiction to all things virtual.

I ran across an interesting article the other day about Facebook addicts. If you are a part of the FB world, you know it can be time consuming! If you use other virtual tools like Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo, and many others, then you commit even more time to networking and updating your virtual identity.

I am working on moderation in all things virtual. I only update my Twitter twice per day. I only update my Facebook account once a day. Still for some that may seem extreme. But I am discovering that my physcial and virtual identites are merging! Sounds scary, but I am not alone. I don’t think it is addiction; I think it is life in the 21st century!


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great comments mike–especially the observation of your physical and virtual identities combining. for a digital spanner like me, that fact is mind blowing and yet there it is. in what other areas of life are distinctions between digital and physical blurred? what about the emotions? is there a digital spirituality?

Comment by caleb j seeling

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately because the Connect bible study I’m doing is talking about time management. I spend many many hours a day just starring blankly at my screen while refreshing facebook and twitter just to be up on everything happening. Wonder how different my life would be if I sat that intently at Jesus’ feet waiting to see His every move. Yes, this is the 21st century and we can’t avoid not to be involved with the virtual world but creating boundaries in that area can be especially hard.

Comment by Erin

You can update facebook through twitter. You just need the facebook application to do that.

I think the merge is happening for sure. In fact, my physical world is strengthened in many ways through the virtual, allowing me to keep in touch with friends. Though we’ll have to see what the negative effects are in the long run as well.

Comment by ed cyzewski

This is a good observation! Why does stuff that is suppose to make life better take so much time 🙂

Comment by Chuck Wood

I have noticed that social media will swallow up as much time as I allow it to take. Like most desserts in life, one may consume to much.

Comment by Lauren Libby

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