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Digital Book Pirates!
May 20, 2009, 7:22 am
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Book piracy has become a much more commonplace occurrence recently with the growing acceptance and use of ebooks. The New York Times recently wrote about this new threat for book publishers: digital book pirates!

If this sounds similar to the music piracy of a few years back, you’re right. Then it was Napster that was creating the opportunity for consumers to download music for free. The problem, of course, was that copyrights were ignored. Now the same thing is happening to ebooks.

So are publishers ignoring these changing times or are they preparing for a brave, new publishing world? Honestly, I am not sure that the industry is quite prepared for the radical changes ahead. The electronic book is here to stay, so it’s time for all of us to get ready for what will be coming. What do you think that will look like?


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I am hoping that traditional publishing and ebooks can co-exist. I have bought and read several ebooks. I like them for their immediacy. I can have one in hand within a matter of minutes. I generally purchase nonfiction ebooks. Nothing, however, can replace opening up a new book from the bookstore and curling up with it on the couch. I have yet to purchase a Kindle or similar product and am not sure if I will. I said the same thing about an iPod and now I can’t get along without mine ….
More first time authors are looking to publish in an ebook format (myself included); I think their popularity will increase–and, I’m hoping, their quality.
Jane VanOsdol

Comment by Jane VanOsdol

I just read an article about schools going “book-less” in the next two years as well! I’ve never considered myself “old school” but I’m torn! To be unprepared would be foolish but is it okay to be sad that my children won’t understand the value of pages bound by glue & smelly old book stores?

Comment by Jan Cox

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