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Online Scripture Memory
June 15, 2009, 7:33 am
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Recently NavPress released Verseminder, an excellent tool to assist people with that always challenging but absolutely essential spiritual discipline of memorizing Scripture. Verseminder is a desktop application that allows you to work on Scripture memory while you work on your computer.

It’s a fact that the vast majority of people today are spending an increasing amount of time on their computers. By having Verseminder, you’ll commit more Scripture to memory because the program quizzes you on verses using a fill-in-the-blank approach, tracks your progress, and provides multiple translation options. You can use the verses already in the program or customize it with your own verses. Isn’t it time we all had such a tool to increase our ability to learn and work on hiding the Word of God in our hearts and minds?

I use Verseminder and have found it extremely helpful. Throughout the day an on-screen prompt encourages me to review my current verse selection. This feature helps keep God’s Word before me and focuses my thinking during a hectic and chaotic day.

Check out Verseminder now–Scripture memory has gone digital!


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I have recently purchased verseminder and find it an excellent tool for helping me with my scripture memory. Thank you so much for this additional offering. I was wondering if you will be adding a feedback option either on the website or tool to provide info of bugs and feature requests?

Comment by Jim Davidson


thanks for your purchase of Verseminder and i’m glad that you are finding it to be a good tool. thanks for your suggestion of providing a way to send feedback. we will get that set up within the tool. we appreciate the time you took to communicate with us!

julie langmade

Comment by millerisms

Thanks for this awesome tool. I excited about the transformation that this will provide as I hide God’s Word deep in my heart!

Any chance of an iPhone Verseminder App?

Comment by Mike Silliman

Looks like a neat and very needed tool. I’d bet you would move more if you offered a trial period. Free to download and 15 or 30 day trial (enter your name, email address to download, etc. – download link comes via email to assure valid email address). Then, $19.95 for the subscription after the trial ends. Give people a taste of what they can expect, get them used to using it (would become habit) and I bet your follow through and overall sales rate increases. At the very least, adding some screenshots to the product page so someone can see what to expect.

Personally I don’t buy many programs like this, regardless of how interesting and useful they may appear, without some sort of trial or a close friend’s recommendation. I like to make sure that the functionality works.

Another option to consider… do a split test. Create two web pages for this product. One as is. Another with the trial. Run an A/B split test (Google “Split Testing” for instructions how) where you send equal traffic to the pages via a link that automatically alternates where it sends people. Then track your results. Would be very likely you would have more people download the software initially on a trial page then you’d just need to track conversion rates. You’d have email addresses for follow up as well so if you see that 100 people downloaded but only 50 paid to continue you could email the other 50 and ask them why they chose not to subscribe. Might provide helpful feedback for future digital product releases. You could also email the 50 who bought it and tell them thanks plus ask them to encourage others to try it out via sharing notes on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, etc.

Last thoughts… 🙂

1. Could even use the program as a premium incentive. Offer it free to someone who buys _ copies of a certain Nav Press book or program.

2. Offer it 100% free for 1 day to anyone who wants to download it (purely from a promotional standpoint… people who download become champions to share the info with others which expands the viral reach). Coordinate Nav Press staff and select key external bloggers, Twitterer’s, etc to get the word out about the 1 day coordinated download. This helps create raving users + helps get the Nav Press brand out there more amongst tech savvy users.

Comment by Daniel Decker

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