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Pay to Click!
June 21, 2009, 7:45 pm
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The days of free internet will soon come to an end! The era of freemium will become the time of premium and pay per click. This is the thinking in a recent interview with Barry Diller. These days as publishers and retailers rush to the web with digital dreams in their heads, perhaps if Mr. Diller is right there will be a financial payoff!

Growing numbers of individuals are choosing the web rather than the retail outlets and malls for their product choices. While there are some places where products are already for sale on the internet. Most publishers are still seeking to determine the method for charging for their copyrighted content.

The dependence of individuals on the internet will not decrease in the days ahead. The virtual conditioning and preference for the internet is a perfect set up for pay per internet. This will not be like cable TV pay per view. Because there is such a great emotional dependence on our virtual social networks, people will be willing to pay to click! As a publisher and a social network user this seems to be the future.

So what do you think?   Am I missing it?


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If I understand you correctly, I like the idea. As a writer, the most convenient way for me to get my “product” to the world is to publish it on an internet site. However, I would prefer not to do so for free and advertising doesn’t pay very well for fiction. Being able to easily charge per read through of the material or charge a subscription would be great — if I had the confidence that there would be readers.

Or perhaps I misunderstood you 😉

Comment by Everyday Miracles

I think much of that is correct – at least from my vantage point. As publishers (news and book, in that order) find their legacy model no longer viable, they will charge for Web content – because they have nothing to lose. If they don’t charge they won’t survive; if they do charge they might not survive either, but at least they have done the only thing left for them to try.

Having said that, there will still be plenty of free information on the Web – partly because many who publish in that channel don’t need much, or any, money from it. Therefore making money in the online environment will require legacy publishers to prove they have the kind and quality of information not readily available free.

Ironically, the fact that so much information is available drives up the need for those who collect, sift, synthesize, comment and authenticate content. I wonder if that is what people will be willing to pay for – in a news context at least.

Comment by Thomas Addington

I’m not so sure I agree that the internet overall is moving to a Pay Per Click. There will always be elements of free and fee in my opinion. Many times free leads to fee and I do think the instances of that are increasing. Free being a teaser or entry point, a funnel. For instance, an author may have a weekly email newsletter that is… free and solid in content. That newsletter serves as a 1) connection point with the audience to keep them engaged ongoing 2) a viral engine to enable others to share and further grow the platform 3) a farm-team (so to speak) that enables the author to have an in-house base to sell future books, to sell tickets to seminars, products, etc. “Free leads to fee.”

Take a different approach from product to ministry. Ministry = share and engage as much as possible with as many as possible to help them grow in relationship with God and others. Open source resources, etc. As the reach grows, so does the tithe and ability to use that tithe to impact more.

Last example… news. Many new-media ONLINE news sites don’t have to do pay per click from the consumers standpoint because they have advertisers to foot the bill based on taffic. It behooves them to provide good solid content to increase page views which then increases ad revenue. No Per Per Click from the consumer, although there are premium areas within the site to afford the site owner to even further expand income.

I think every industry will have its own distinctive based on their business plan, goals, etc. To say the internet as a whole is going Pay Per Click just seems a bit unrealistic in the current form, at least to me.

I will add that as mobile technology increases and the way people access the internet, that may cause some of the fundamental financial and access rules to change.

Comment by Daniel Decker

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