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Teen Vbook sites?
June 29, 2009, 11:17 am
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Simon & Schuster has launched Pulse It, a new site for teens. Take a look at it for yourself–the site gives young people a place to reflect online with their friends about the books they are reading. The site includes blogs, forums, and videos along with author interviews.

The site’s goal is to encourage teens to gather in the virtual world to share their thoughts and opinions about what they are reading. Some visitors have recently posted their thinking about the site itself. The significance of a teen board of advisers to establish and launch the site is very interesting.

What does this mean for us? It’s a valuable lesson to all publishers about consumer participation in product development and acquisition.


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I think this sort of social networking around books is going to be the trend – not just for teens. The ability to read the book on the site (and only on the site) for just a few days is an interesting way to control distribution. I could see this site adding a phone-app so that teens could log and and read on their phones.

Of course as a bookseller the digital aspect scares me a bit. However, I think in the long run sites like this create more and better readers which in the end will help publishers and booksellers sell more books.

Comment by Bryan Brock

Mike – this is an amazing way to “close the gap” between the company (producer) and the client(teens). Typically, companies rely on feedback, satisfaction surveys, panels, or other customer service loopbacks.

However, this is getting closer to moving that feedback into real time or simultaneous with when the material is produced.
The gap between production and client response may even close so tightly, that the clients drive production differently before the product/service has even been completed.

A great book on this concept is:
The New Age of Innovation / Prahalad

Comment by Drod

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