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Virtual Religious Wars?
July 27, 2009, 9:27 am
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Well we knew this would come. With the rise of the mobile phone platform now world religions have begun to add numerous apps. for those devices! Virtually every world religion has begun to connect to followers and potential converts through the mobile phone.

It seems that the computer is taking a backseat to the mobile phone as time moves forward. We carry these devises with us all the time. More and more all the information from our computer is now connecting to our PDA.

What an opportunity for Christians, publishers and ministries to connect at such a personal level through the mobile phone.


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I travel a lot and I am an avid BlackBerry user. I can easily say that I’m addicted to it. One of the best applications I’ve found is YouVersion. It os a free bible tool that give you several different versions as well as daily readings. It is a great way to get my reading in without having to pack my Bible. So, as annoying as mobile devices can be, they can also be used for many great things.

Comment by Tom Seagraves

I would give up my laptop before my iPhone. I read books, edit photos , answer emails, manage my social networks all from this device. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this comment on my iPhone. 🙂

Comment by Maurilio Amorim

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