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Virtual Preachers!
August 9, 2009, 5:45 pm
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A new site called now provides a place where any church can log in and connect to some of the latest preachers as part of their worship experience. I’m not sure how real-time preachers in these churches might feel about this virtual preacher tool!

John Piper recently had some interesting comments about the use of video in preaching. Might be worthwhile to take a look at the what he said about all of this, in spite of the fact that 48% of internet users have visited or used video-sharing sites.

So does the church need to utilize these kinds of technologies in the 21st century in order to advance the Gospel or not?


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If it came to time for the sermon and the church put John Piper on the screen preaching the congregation would be well served.

If I followed John’s point correctly he would not consider that the same as spicing up the sermon with video clips or drama.

If Church leaders are sheparding the flock then they can get the preaching done using whatever tools are appropriate for their situation though there needs to be elders who can teach in some context.

Comment by Mike

I thought you were talking about virtual churches, like what Jesse does at He’s been running a weekly cyber church on MySpace for several years. It reaches a different group of people than most brick & mortar-based congregations.

Comment by Mike

I use video sermons’ as a supplement bible study. It is a great way to learn what other churches are teaching outside my home church. The last sermon I saw on the web was pastor melissa scott in california.

Comment by Marc winslow

The whole point of the pastor/ congregation relationship is about to go the way of VHS tapes and paper newspapers. Part of being God’s spokesman is being quiet before God to find His word for His church, not sampling video sermons. God save us from the superstar pastors on video bringing their wealth of wisdom to a screen near you. So much for the prophetic role of the pastor, as well as independent thought.

Comment by Mark

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