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Saving Print Media
August 23, 2009, 9:29 pm
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The cries regarding the the demise of print media seemed to have increased during these recent economically troubled times. With newspapers and magazine businesses closing and print advertising losses increasing, it seems that print media troubles are growing rapidly.

But perhaps these times really are opportunities to think in fresh new ways about the delivery of content in multiple platforms and media formats. I recently stumbled on a very insightful blog post that anyone interested in publishing, media, or these changing times should take the time read.

Here is the question I’ve been thinking about: Is it too late for print media or can we save it from extinction? And if so, how?


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In my opinion print media was nearing its end before the economic downfall so when we hit troubled times the end came quicker and couldn’t be ignored. With the increase in usage of wireless technologies as a means of sharing and receiving news and other content, we’ve all become used to getting information quicker and in whatever form we want at that moment. The hard thing for print media to swallow is that the moment when people most want it isn’t always in the morning over a cup of coffee at the breakfast table – it’s at a moments notice. Just look at how many people are starting to follow their local news station on Twitter or using Google to find someone who has blogged about the American Idol results.

I really liked the blog you sited about How to Save Media especially his point about allowing readers to pay for any medium they want and having some content exclusive to that medium. Obviously this isn’t going to be the most important content but to some niche audience is will be worth paying for. Guess its just time to think about how newspapers and other print media that used to publish for a wide audience can fit into the long tail and learn about the many niches they publish for. Once they do this, all that’s left is to come up with a cost effective way to reach those people through whatever medium they use.

Comment by Erin

Jason Pontin has made a valuable contribution to the discussion. That is worth the read.

Comment by Mike

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