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The State of Literacy
September 20, 2009, 6:29 pm
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With the rise of numerous technological tools and social media, can we be sure that literacy is still growing? Are we losing the battle with the younger generation? Will the three R’s be reduced to the two C’s (Connect, and Click)? A study such as the Stanford Study of Writing is building a case that we may be in the midst of a writing revolution!

Fact 1: Young adults are writing more now than in any earlier generation. Technology allows people to write at levels not seen in previous generations. It seems that everyone has become a writer! Those Facebook, Twitter, and IM’s add up!

Fact 2: Technology and social networking will only improve the levels of literacy for future generations. After all, how can you update your social media sites if you can’t read and write? Looks like those of us in publishing should be encouraged by such news. A whole new group of writers is coming!

What do you think?


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I’m encouraged to read this from someone in the publishing field. I’ve thought the very same. And it echoes some of the reflections of William Zinsser — that online writing venues are actually spawning a renaissance in personal writing.

Comment by Cassandra Frear

I’m glad and relieved. Hadn’t thought of that angle but it sure makes sense.

Comment by Kathy Collard Miller

You can expect Amazon to be the one in complete control of publishing companies as they forward the electronic age in reading books through Kindle. As most publishing companies bow down to Amazon it will crush their own businesses. Who will carry Kindle to church first, instead of their Bible? Not us.

Comment by Steve Kessler

I used to think that English class was a waste of time. What a limited imagination one must have to think that there is only one way to spell a word. Except now, with all the new technology, does one understand the words sent through a text message? Does High School need a class on how to spell correctly in a text message? Is the English language now old English?

Comment by Marc winslow

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