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My Book Souvenirs
November 9, 2009, 9:39 pm
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Books as Souvenirs

Have you been on a trip recently? Perhaps like most of us you picked up a few items to bring home. My wife and I have collected all kinds of things from our trips over the years. We have postcards, refrigerator magnets, art, and carved figurines from various places we have visited. These items remind us of places and experiences we have enjoyed together.

Recently I viewed a talk by Seth Godin. (I have attached a link if you would like to view it. It is worth the time!) Godin talks about a book being a souvenir. I had never considered a book to be a souvenir, but after viewing the talk, it makes sense!

As I think about my time with books, they really are reminders of the experiences I have had on my reading journeys. Now as I look at the books in my library, it’s fun to reflect on the many places I have explored in history, business, and spirituality. And my books are the written souvenirs I have collected.

Your books tell the story of your reading journey. What do they say?


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Interesting perspective, never thought of books this way either. Souvenirs are treasures indeed, and many books I have our treasures.

And just think with this perspective, we are written in God’s book of Souvenirs, i.e. the Book of Life.

Comment by David Brownlee

My books do indeed constitute an interesting journey. They travel through The Bible, history, leadership, military history, foreign affairs, Christian growth, and, more recently, a lot of novels. My books have taken me places beyond my physical ability to go and have enriched my life. Great men and women have mentored me through the medium of books. I love the tactile activity of holding a book and sprinting through the pages, or strolling reflectively through them.

Comment by Rusty Stephens

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