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Visual books
November 15, 2009, 3:17 pm
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The 21st century challenges publisher’s to consider a number of issues regarding the making of books for future generations. At NavPress we are thinking seriously about the impact of images and story on the making of books!  I stumbled onto a post that reminded me that visual books are nothing new! Books in medieval times where visually designed! In fact images and text fit together nicely and books where a treasure of image art and textual art!

Could those days be coming back? What kind of books will be made in the future? Will they be a combination of images and text? These are questions I am considering these days. New days are before us!


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I hope those days come back! I hope I get to watch a video that is explains more of the book, and then chat with the author while having small discussions with others as I go through the book. Video games used to be fairly straight forward, shoot and destroy. Now, games are designed non-linearly where the player decides the course of the game. Maybe someday we can get to the conclusion of the book by different means?

Comment by David Chao

David, I echo what you are saying. A book can leave some lingering questions which would be terrific to address with the author!

Comment by David Brownlee

3-D immersive books are literally just around the corner with new reading technology from KNFB reading technology. You will be able to experience full-color interactive text utilizing the latest rendering technology (converted from a simple PDF) as well as embedded audio and video. Cloud-based, word-level bookmarking, multi-device support (PC, Mac, iPhone, Nokia Smartphones). Your content will be synched on up to five of your devices. Retailers (yes traditional booksellers with websites) will sell these books to consumers and because content can be exclusive to the distributor, premium prices can be charged. The distribution is being handled by Baker & Taylor and publishers will sell to them on a “best available wholesale terms” agreement. If you haven’t seen this technology, stop what you’re doing and call B&T to setup a demo, you will be blown away (and no, I am not paid by them to say this.) The new reading technology and store launches in December/January and white-labeled retail sites will be available February/March.

Comment by Michael Covington

Michael/David: I hope that the authors begin to look at their content more than in just a linear format. I’de like to see the technology leveraged in a unique way, rather than just simply as a digital “book”.

Comment by David Chao

We are a culture driven by the images chemically burned in our minds through various forms of advertising designed to get us to remember their product. Images tell stories, evoke emotion, desire and bring to memory forgotten experiences. It would be more than prudent to study the teaching methods of the early church and discover afresh the power of image to convey truth evoke emotion and desire while bringing to memory the crucified Christ who is so easily forgotten in our age driven culture. Thanks for the thought provoking post Dr. Miller.

Comment by Sal

As an artist/Bible teacher, I can’t wait to see the new things to come in publishing, infusing colorful artistic expression with the message of the book. 🙂

Comment by debbie

It seems to be a natural move at this time. When I see good presentations that use visuals (slides) it makes sense. Basically I’m hearing words and looking at a visual. When I give presentations, even though I’m often not reading, my visuals are meant to deepen the impression of my words. It almost seems necessary nowadays where a presenter is combatting the constant flood of media that’s going into his hearers minds.

Comment by joseph

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