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Facebook Beats Google?
February 7, 2010, 7:56 pm
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Who will be the leader of the online world? Will Facebook move ahead of Google? Or will Google be able to maintain its powerful leadership position? And why would that matter? Why would that be important to the casual user of the internet?

The incredible number of individuals who use these online platforms make Facebook and Google the center of the virtual universe! Facebook’s growth will soon surpass Yahoo and make it third place behind Google and Microsoft.

It is hard to imagine, but soon Facebook could beat Google in page views. Think about it: Facebook is all about online relationships; Google, well, it is all about searches for information. So even in the virtual world relationships are at the center of the experience.

This is something that believers who deny that the virtual world is the new global mission field should consider.

Are you connected?


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I’m on Facebook but rarely check in. “Friends” write with too much information. So I prefer Google.

Comment by Carole Mayhall

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