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Media Kids
February 14, 2010, 3:16 pm
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New research has recently noted continued changes among children in the use of various types of media technologies. New electronic devices continue to show up in the hands of young people, and the impact on reading and learning will be significant.

It’s incredible to consider the amount of time the average young person spends using new technological tools. All the debate about the digital generation is over! Businesses, ministries, and parents need to understand the changes that impact the next generation.

Are you ready for all of this?


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I’m working from home today because of the President’s Day Holiday and the kids are home. Right now, 2 of my three kids are playing on Webkinz and my youngest is trying to figure out how to write a browser. This morning, he and I had a “geek” out session in backing up mom’s computer. My daughter is using the web to figure out how to play guitar and she just started trombone. She was using the MIC on the computer to adjust her tone’s on the trombone so she could play a C.

Want to feel really old, really fast? Watch these kids.

Comment by David Chao

Last night I listened to my son speaking in spanish to someone he was playing a video game online with. Last week I heard him having a discussion about hockey with someone from Canada that he was playing online with. While I’m not crazy about the talking to strangers element he is learning more about other people and cultures that I ever considered at his age.

Comment by Jill Johnson

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