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The NEXT Spiritual Generation
March 14, 2010, 12:18 pm
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The Navigators‘ calling reads, “to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.” Did you notice the phrase “spiritual generations of laborers“? As I think about that phrase Paul’s challenge comes to mind: “Pass on what you heard from me . . . to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2 MSG).

One of the responsibilities every believer has is to pass along what he or she has learned to other followers of Christ. Christianity is all about spiritual generations–one generation passing on to the next what they have learned and experienced from following Christ.

The goal is that as we have learned the truths of God’s Word, we can share those insights with others who then can also pass them along to the next generation.

So how are you doing? Do you have some people that you are passing along your spiritual insights? It is all about the NEXT spiritual generation.


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unfortunately i’m not practicing this critical principle from scripture. i’m actively praying about the relationships i need to develop so that i can pass on what i’ve seen and heard from the lord. thanks for the challenge!

Comment by julie

A great word! If we aren’t investing in the next generation … the implications are startling!

Comment by Ralph Ennis

I just joined a friend in writing articles for a womens ministry blog where I share the insights God has revealed to me over time. It is really the Holy Spirit’s work though since by myself I’m not the best writer, however God put the desire to write in my heart years ago and I’m glad the time is here to start sharing and encouraging others with the encouragement I’ve received from His Word!

Comment by Jeanine

[…] The NEXT spiritual generation […]

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The next generation, what an amazing group of young people. Engage them in conversation and you will see that investing time and prayer for them and with them will make a big impact in your own life. thanks for the words of encouragement.

Comment by Pamela J Mendoza

Hi Mike,

Thanks for this timely word of encouragement. I am starting a new venture (this week) of “Digital Discipleship” by starting an online youth ministry with up to a dozen teens who used to be in my face to face youth group. These are exciting times to be a Christian and we will all give account when we stand before the Lord for how we used the amazing opportunities and technologies available to us to fulfill the Great Commission. ~ Connie

Comment by Connie Neal

Mike, can I humbly suggest that this sounds very inspiring and motivating but not very practical. We can forget about passing batons and connecting with the next generations if we don’t know people in their twenties or thirties, don’t hang out with them and become friends with them, don’t listen to the way they think and communicate without trying to make them like us. It seems to me that so many churches fail in this, as do some pre-packaged mentoring programs, because we don’t start with the way Paul connected with the people in Athens (Acts 17). He hung out with the people he wanted to reach, interacting with them, and seeing what they worshiped and how they thought. And BTW, I have a quite a few friends who are a lot younger than me. We don’t always agree but they teach me a lot and we are able to connect.

Comment by Gary Collins

Passing along the faith is absolutely critical because we have so much competition for the affections and attention of our young people…this has really been heavy on my heart; funny you should ask! In an effort to preserve our Christian heritage, I am trying to put on paper the melding together of God’s Truth with encouragement to live above electronic/digital influences in an effort to help the next generation of Christian parents…namely, my two daughters and my future daughter-in-law!

Comment by Sheri Lynn Essian

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